[Talk-GB] License remapping - Just deleting

Michael Collinson mike at ayeltd.biz
Sat Feb 18 15:05:34 GMT 2012


I got an email from a respected contributor and I want to pass on one 
concern. It is very natural to want all the red ink on OSMI License View 
disappear as quickly as possible so that we don't have to revisit the 
spots. I suggest though that where there are things that you can't remap 
using Bing, OS StreetView and general local knowledge, like footpaths, 
(not easy to see and the designation is very important in the UK), and 
some POIs, then just leave them alone or take a winter trip. Footpaths 
in particular are the most time consuming to map, several hours of 
walking for just one line.

In the UK, we are now in pretty good shape with only 5 declined and 14 
undecided mappers in the top 1,000 [1]. But ya never know, more may 
still come aboard.  Thank you for everyone's efforts.


[1] http://odbl.de/great_britain.html

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