[Talk-GB] Blue Plaques and others

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Sun Jan 29 12:28:07 GMT 2012

Robert Norris wrote:
> Seeing as it's Charles Dicken's 200th Birthday soon,
> http://www.charlesdickensbirthplace.co.uk/charles-dickens/charles-dickens-200
> I thought I should get around to mapping the Blue and other Coloured Plaques in my area of Portsmouth, especially as there's one at his birthplace.
> However OSM seems a little vague in the best way to tag them, as there's nothing recommended in the wiki AFAIK.
> TagInfo has some clues of in use methods
> He's my planned tagging scheme:
> Basic:
> historic=memorial
> landmark=memorial_plaque
> memorial_plaque:colour=blue|brown|whatever|RGB code?
> name='name' - just the name of the person / organization the plaque is about eg 'Charles Dickens'
> Optional Extended Detail:
> openplaques:id=number
> description='full inscription text' - without operator information
> operator='civic society name' | 'local council name' | whatever if known
> start_date= date plaque was erected if known
> It would be really good if the only existing map I know of - that uses OSM data - could be expanded to cover the whole of the UK:
> http://mappa-mercia.org/blue-plaques-map.shtml
> (Or maybe a bit more information on how the 'blue-plaques.tsv' was created to power that map).

Is there any conflict adding a link to http://openplaques.org/people/413 and the 
relevant plaque. We might also be able to convert them to OSM ;)

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