[Talk-GB] DfT Consultation - Traffic orders: simplifying (& mapping?) the process

Ralph Smyth RalphS at cpre.org.uk
Mon Jan 30 16:14:04 GMT 2012

DfT has launched a new consultation today on amending requirements
placed on traffic authorities in England when they propose and make
temporary and permanent traffic orders (TOs):
Traffic Orders cover things like (non-national) speed limits, parking
restrictions, restricted turns/access etc. There are lots of potential
advantages of digitising this data and making it available to third
parties, whether reducing the need for signage clutter or the risk of
drivers going round in circles looking for loading bays. I'm trying to
highlight the link between this and the 'Satnav summit' being held by
the DfT in March.
Quick summary:
'4.20 Instead [of using local newspapers], authorities would be under a
general duty to publicise their orders in whatever they consider to be
the most appropriate way. We propose to supplement this general duty
with some non-statutory guidance setting out options available for
publicising TOs, and identifying where each method would be appropriate.
This would also encourage the use of innovative communication channels
which already exist, and those which may evolve in the future. 

4.21 We anticipate that traffic authorities will welcome the
recommendation to use on-line publicity for their TOs. We would see this
being used as a way of conveying the full details of the TO, which could
be 'sign-posted' from other sources. With that in mind, we will propose
a format for on-line advertising of TOs alongside the guidance with the
intention of increasing the consistency of how TOs are advertised

Having been a member of the DfT's Traffic Signs Policy Review, which led
to this consultation, I'm meeting officials on Thursday morning (Feb
2nd) for a discussion and would be interested in any views how new
guidance and a new format could best fit with open data principles. 

Peter Miller has already suggested use of principles from XML schemas:


I'm also interested how this could be made to work with new civil
society tools, such as the Cyclescape project. So sorry for the short
notice but any ideas on this list over the next few days would be most
welcome. Otherwise you have until late April to respond to the
Ralph Smyth
Senior Transport Campaigner, Barrister
Campaign to Protect Rural England
128 Southwark Street, London SE1 0SW
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