[Talk-GB] Licence change - one month to go

Philip Barnes phil at trigpoint.me.uk
Fri Mar 2 19:27:35 GMT 2012

On Fri, 2012-03-02 at 14:35 +0000, Richard Fairhurst wrote:
> We change to the new licence in just under a month's time, so it's a 
> good time to look at the current state of the UK. What's likely not to 
> be carried through to the new database?
> The good news is that the UK is in a very healthy state overall.  Just 
> under 99% of nodes will survive (98.68% according to odbl.poole.ch, and 
> there have been a couple of acceptances since then), 97.64% of highways, 
> and 99.48% of other ways.
> But there are a few significant problem areas:
I have been concentrating on my home area of Shropshire, I began
remapping at the end of January, mainly concentrating on the A roads,
had planned to fix the M54 but was beaten to that one. Have remapped
some sections of the A41, A53 and A442 as well as a few minor fixes
along the A5. It would have been embarrassing for the OSM community if
these types of roads disappear on April 1st. Its not in too bad a state,
I have traces for some that now show up on Badmap and just need to do
some editing. The most that will be lost is some housing estates in
Telford, which can be put back in a few lunchtimes of surveying.

Have also been looking at my old area, Leicester, there are a few main
roads that I can fix with GPS traces as we visit relatives and some
others can be fixed with some local knowledge and bing. There are some
big housing estates in Leicester, that will vanish. 

Have emailed Sherbourne and millimole2001 as they contributed a lot of
these areas, but have received no response. Is there anyway of knowing
if the email bounced?

I am GPS logging most of my journeys now, so I may have some traces to
fix thing that break.


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