[Talk-GB] Licence change - one month to go

Robert Whittaker (OSM) robert.whittaker+osm at gmail.com
Sat Mar 3 09:19:04 GMT 2012

On 2 March 2012 14:35, Richard Fairhurst <richard at systemed.net> wrote:
> We change to the new licence in just under a month's time, so it's a good
> time to look at the current state of the UK.

We're almost certainly not going to be able to able to get the UK
completely clean by the switch-over, and it's definitely good if we
can prioritise work on particularly badly-tainted areas. But I wonder
if another prioritisation approach might be useful too -- prioritising
certain high-value types of objects, where-ever they might be.

For instance, as far as routing is concerned, any gaps in the major
road network is likely to cause significant problems for data-users.
So might it be possible for someone to generate a list of
highway=motorway and highway=trunk objects that are tainted, so people
could work on eliminating those. The idea could extended to include
the corresponding *_link ways, and if progress is good we could
continue to do highway=primary and highway=secondary.

We might want to do the same for railway=rail and perhaps
waterway=river. Are there any other types of object people can think
of that might be worth prioritising?

You can sort of look for these types of object using BadMap [1] at low
zooms, but it's not that easy, and the low zooms aren't updated as
often I don't think. It would be much easier if there was a specific
list of objects to work from. I'm afraid I don't have the hardware /
experience / technical expertise to generate the data sets, but maybe
someone who does might think it's a good idea...


[1] http://cleanmap.poole.ch/?zoom=6&lat=54.28388&lon=-3.24444&layers=00B0

Robert Whittaker

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