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Thanks from me for working on this with Chris Fleet and co at NLS.
One point to check is out-of-copyrightness of the individual sheets as presumably that affects our ability to use.
As usual, just ask if you need any input from me.


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As per earlier email from Bob Kerr, National Library of Scotland now has the
OS 1-inch 7th series online. It also has the whole of Scotland and part of
northern England north of Manchester available at 1:25,000 too (The
Provisional Edition/First Series). I've added the correct tms settings for
JOSM to the relevant pages of our wiki.

The two TMS values are:
For the 7th series use:
For the 1:25,000 maps use:

Note the "-y" value in the above, NLS is using the OSGeo tile numbering
rather than Google/OSM tile numbering format.

If you don't see imagery appearing it's probably because you are zoomed in
too much. The highest zoom level available appears to be 16 for the 1:25,000
and 15 for the 1-inch 7th series.

As far as I am aware NLS are keen to have us use these resources. Bob I know
has had some discussion and I have a call booked with the senior map curator
Chris Fleet for later in the week. I'll discuss some more with him and find
out to what extent we can make use and to what extent they still have more
to come online. Note also that there are other layers available, especially
for Scotland, check them out via the mosaic viewer at
http://geo.nls.uk/search/mosaic/ I haven't checked but I'm guessing we
should be able to create TMS links for all of those that are useful.


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