[Talk-GB] Licence change - one month to go

Donald Noble drnoble at gmail.com
Tue Mar 6 20:39:39 GMT 2012

Robert Whittaker (OSM) wrote:
> I think the trunk roads are doable too if enough people help out.

I am going to work my way through the A7* A8* and A9* roads in
Scotland, as I know most of them, and can fill in the blanks with
OSSV, bing or uploaded GPS traces.

I'm assuming that if the end nodes were both created by CT agreeing
members, then it is just a case of redrawing the way along the route,
picking up connecting road nodes along the way. If, perchance, a minor
road junction was added by a non CT agreeing contributor, then that
junction will be lost come 1st April — but it would have been anyway.
However, the main road network should be preserved.

Might take a few nights of armchair mapping, but the weather still isn't great…!


Donald Noble
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