[Talk-GB] Licence change - one month to go

MarkS OSM at redcake.co.uk
Tue Mar 6 22:02:24 GMT 2012

On 06/03/2012 14:31, Robert Whittaker (OSM) wrote:

> Excellent -- thanks to both of you for getting this done. Do you know
> if/when that file will be updated as ways are re-mapped?

I was playing around tonight with a combination of the Quick History 
Service and Overpass to requery the objects so I could update parts of 
the list for my own reference.

The script passes groups all the ways together and makes a single call 
to overpass then a single call to quick history.  This means I could 
probably get away with doing the whole list (although I'm not confident 
if the APIs should be used in this way).

If nobody raises an objection then I'll give this a go in a few days 
otherwise we can ask Simon.

The good news though is that I believe I've managed to save all the 
motorways on the list.  I've also done a lot of the motorway_link roads, 
although there are a couple of junctions (on the M1 I believe) where it 
looks like the junctions have been remodelled and neither bing or OS 
Street View appear to be up to date.

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