[Talk-GB] Licence change - one month to go

MarkS OSM at redcake.co.uk
Sun Mar 11 13:46:32 GMT 2012

> Does your CSV list take into account ways tagged with ODbL=clean? If
> not (and assuming the rebuild process will honour such tagging) would
> it be possible for such objects to be excluded from your list?
> Thanks,
> Robert.

Good spot.

No my list didn't allow for odbl=clean.   However, the original roads 
list did come from Simon Poole's badmap database so it is likely that 
did allow for odbl=clean and it is only subsequent additions of this tag 
that weren't picked up.

I've updated the script and put the latest list on the wiki 

Adding odbl=clean removed 173 objects from the list.

In total I now make it 1337 that will be lost.   This is excellent progress.


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