[Talk-GB] National Library of Scotland - Out of copyright mapping

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Mon Mar 12 10:30:52 GMT 2012

Andy Robinson wrote:
> He's keen to see OSM use the historical mapping they now have online.
Magic .... and exactly what I'm looking for myself.

> I have looked at second hand scanners but
> availability is like hens teeth and they are generally very bulky or heavy
> and often running on old SCSI interfaces which is less ideal. As a
> comparison, a new A0 scanner to the appropriate spec will cost around
> £7,500.
This is the hold-up on scanning my own map collection. I've been slowly building 
a collection of the Bartholomew's maps ( as well as a lot of NPE which have 
already been covered ;) ) with the plan that they will allow the improving ov 
'start date' information on the underlying data. I've tried for a couple of 
second hand large format scanners but they went over budget :( So I've money in 
the pot to help on an alternative! And I'm happy to scan all the material I have 
available. One of these days I will improve the catalogue of what I've got 
available. Getting the material scanned commercially may be an option, but I 
think that taking a little more care and being able to rescan when material when 
there are problems ourselves may be an advantage?

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