[Talk-GB] Un-relicensable roads - now with secondary roads included

Craig Loftus craigloftus+osm at googlemail.com
Fri Mar 23 09:48:56 GMT 2012

> I've been working down the list in ID order (though you can sort the
> columns if you want)

And some. I ordered by type and randomly clicked on a dozen and
haven't found one you haven't already squashed.

I have better luck finding things using badmap.


On 23 March 2012 08:51,  <ed at loach.me.uk> wrote:
> Jason Cunningham wrote:
>> Just had a look at the text file. Can anyone give me some advice on a
>> way to quickly find the locations given in file?
> SomeoneElse replied:
>> It's the way ID:
>> http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/way/78499375
>> http://osm.mapki.com/history/way.php?id=78499375
> If it helps, I wrote a quick web application that reads in the latest copy
> of the file(*) when you start a session, and displays the id as a
> hyperlink (with optional api and remote control links as well).
> http://www.loach.me.uk/osm/ukroads/
> I've been working down the list in ID order (though you can sort the
> columns if you want) following this method:
> a) use the id link to browse the way to check it hasn't already been
> deleted or marked as odbl=clean
> b) if it does need remapping, use the remote control link to open the way
> in JOSM
> c) in JOSM, use the download button to download the area around the way
> d) in JOSM run the licence check plugin
> e) remap the way and any adjacent major ways
> f) upload
> Ed
> (*) written originally for the major roads file, which is still default,
> you can now also select the file which contains the secondary ways as well
> from the dropdown list. I've not yet started on that list...
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