[Talk-GB] Remapping update

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Mon Mar 26 15:56:59 BST 2012

Michael Collinson wrote:
> The test I apply here is, "Can I independently verify from personal knowledge
> ALL the tagging and location info" before using odbl=clean. For footpaths, that
> may mean removing designation tags if you can't remember whether it is footpath
> or a bridle way. Look out also for any un-relicensable mapping notes. I also
> remove all tainted nodes, if necessary replacing them with new ones aligned to
> Bing imagery. The most difficult is paths going through woods or forest. You may
> well have to end up just putting node at either side and hoping that the
> unnatural straight line is enough to attract the attention of the next mapper
> walking in the area.

The areas I've cleaned up I've remapped detail using Bing, confirmed names OS, 
but I've also stripped a few paths where they are obviously impractical. Same 
with streams recorded on Streetview which are no longer practical given the new 
buildings appearing on Bing. I've avoided or even replaced 'clean' simply to get 
the OSMInspector page totally clean ... then I can move on. I've few yellow dots 
left on the Malvern area, but I'll drop down and clear up Gloucester first, 
there is not much left there to do

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