[Talk-GB] Office of National Statistics data

Chris Hill osm at raggedred.net
Mon Nov 5 16:55:19 GMT 2012

On 05/11/12 14:19, Robert Whittaker (OSM lists) wrote:
> Oops. I hadn't spotted that. It looks like ONS is getting just as 
> confused as I am with the different licenses. It seems that the 
> license ONS is providing the data under is fine for OSM then. :-) 

> (I'd still suspect that there is some Royal Mail IP in there, via 
> CodePoint Open or similar, which previously Royal Mail haven't let us 
> use. If this is the case, I guess we just have to hope that either 
> they've changed their mind, or they don't notice what ONS are doing 
> with their data!) 
Let me just set the record the record straight here. Royal Mail did not 
at any point refuse OSM the right to use CodePoint Open data. When the 
LWG asked Ordnance Survey about the use of OS OpenData, in confirming 
that OS had no objection to OSM using OS OpenData they simply said that 
they could not speak for Royal Mail; if we wanted to confirm RM's 
position we should contact them. LWG chose not to contact RM and 
cautiously recommended that CodePoint Open data should not be used until 
its status was know. IMHO, too cautious given the licence.

I have contacted the Royal Mail and their head of Commercial Licensing 
in their Address Management Unit has confirmed that OSM can use 
CodePoint Open data on the same terms as the OS OpenData.

When I tried to amend the Wiki page to remove the banner saying that we 
should not use CodePoint Open data Robert Whittaker reverted my edit. 
Rather than enter into an edit battle I asked the LWG to change the wiki 
page, since it was a message from them in the first place, I sent the 
details of the agreement from Royal Mail to the LWG too. While I was 
waiting for the LWG to respond (they still haven't, despite being 
prompted) the ONS data became available, so I recreated my tiles from 
that. It is disappointing that the Northern Ireland postcodes are not 
available, but I have asked a contact in Government to ask why they are 
not using the OGL in the spirit it was intended by adding a rider to 
only allow non commercial use.

> I'm sorry for the unnecessary interruption. Robert. 
I'm disappointed that it has taken two and a half years after the 
original data was released to reach this point when the data was 
available all along. It was released to be used, not argued over.

Cheers, Chris
user: chillly

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