[Talk-GB] OS Locator comparison and Google Streetview

Peter Miller peter.miller at itoworld.com
Thu Nov 15 12:01:06 GMT 2012

Just to say that I, along with a number of other people, have being doing
some OS Locator based updates to OSM over the past few days following the
release of the latest OS Locator update.

Where OS Locator and OSM disagree I either do a Google search to see if
Zoopla or other reputable sources can resolve the discrepancy for me (on
the basis that houses particulars are probably going to be right). In some
cases I may instead try Google Streetview and check the street sign. If
nothing works then I leave it unless there is some other reason to believe
OS Locator.


As a note of appreciation to Google in situations where I use Google
Streetview I then check their mapping to see if they are right or if they
are also incorrectly trusting OS Locator. Where Google Maps is wrong as per
Google Streetview I then 'report and problem' to Google giving them the
correct spelling. I was impressed that my last report, made at 6pm
yesterday evening, was responded to at 9am this morning confirming my
change. I have checked and it is already fixed on their mapping. Needless
to say it was fixed on OSM at 6pm last night!

Can I encourage other people to consider doing the same. That way we get
better maps for everyone and we provide something back to Google where we
use their resources. For the avoidance of doubt, we should only used Google
Streetview to check street signs to resolve the occasional queries and some
people don't even like that. What OSM contributors must never do is use
Google Maps as a primary source (which is called plagiarism)!


Peter Miller (PeterIto)
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