[Talk-GB] OS boundary data as background images in PotlatchorJOSM

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Agreed...  I like to reuse existing ways,  as an example, part of the 
dartmoor trace tries to follow an existing stream,  which was NPE created. 
We now have a stream and that part of the NP using the same way and nicely 
aligned to the trace and OS_StreetView.


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Jason Woollacott wrote:
> Just had a quick look at the Dartmoor gpx and it matches the road layout
> in a section I'm familiar with.  So looking good.

You're probably aware, but just in case... boundary relations are much
easier for mappers to work with when they reuse existing ways.

I recently repaired a rather nasty foul-up in the Lake District where
someone had created the National Park boundary using new ways, but shared
nodes. The result was that when a newbie wanted to upgrade a road to
tertiary, he accidentally selected the boundary way instead and ended up
creating a very wiggly tertiary ring road all round the National Park.

I've also seen a case in another National Park where the boundary, which
follows roads, was created with entirely new ways. The result was that
beautiful boundary-derived ways were sitting alongside 2006-vintage badly
traced roads from NPE which should have had the same geometry.

In other words, take your time - it's worth getting it right.


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