[Talk-GB] Telegraph releases Green Belt data

Tom Chance tom at acrewoods.net
Thu Nov 29 16:57:57 GMT 2012

On Nov 29, 2012 11:57 AM, "Jonathan Harley" <jon at spiffymap.net> wrote:
> On 28/11/12 20:46, Tom Chance wrote:
>> This points to the major flaw with importing this data - it changes year
to year, and we can't easily observe the changes on the ground. We might
spot development on green belt and so remove the designation, we don't spot
where new green space is designated as greenbelt. Unless we had ongoing
co-operation from local authorities, within a year we'd be hosting a
dataset that's out of date and impossible to check.
> Hardly impossible, since it's public
> information.

Sort of. As you say, it's always shown on maps as part of planning policy
documents, but they're based on Ordnance Survey maps and are themselves
copyrighted. We'd have to get clear permission to use them as a source for
updating openstreetmap.

> Green belt land is supposed to be
> "permanent", if I remember the
> Town and Country Planning Act
> correctly, so it should change less
> often than local government
> boundaries

The general sweep of the belts are permanent, but individual plots can
change designations with a simple change to a local development plan
document, and planning permission can be given on green belt land.

> which have no evidence on the
> ground at all in most places

We used to use bins and local knowledge! These days we also have Ordnance
Survey open data.

> I'm not arguing for a rush to import > this dataset, but it would be
great to > have this information in OSM

I quite agree, I just don't think we have a suitable source yet. In the
meantime it would be quite easy to overlay the Telegraph data on
OpenStreetMap maps, and for GIS users to do interesting analysis.

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