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Bob Kerr openstreetmapcraigmillar at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Apr 12 08:32:32 UTC 2013

Thanks for all the help and the links,

As I have cleared up some of the obvious mistakes for the golf tag like using capital letters in tags, has there ever been a precedent where someone adopts a tag. For example if I say that I am going to adopt the golf=****** in english for one year. I would put my name up on the wiki page as adoptee.


I like the lines on the pitches and the way that the trees are done too.



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Thanks to Ed & John. I really like the white lines pitch markings. 

Dave F.

On 11/04/2013 02:38, John Baker wrote:

>The French OSM site has worldwide mapnik rendering of golf
        courses and nifty sports pitches mapped too.
>I imagine they will be migrated to osm.org when cartoCSS
        eventually goes live.
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>On 05/04/2013 15:04, Bob Kerr wrote:
>>I have been looking at TagInfo for  tags with golf=******** 
>>There are a number of tags which are golf=Tee instead of golf=tee. Is there any easy way that I find out where these tags are located so that I can correct them.
>Hi Again Bob
>Just discovered in Taginfo there's a similar, but quicker site
          to the one I suggested earlier. In the top right of the screen
          there's an icon next to where it says XPI & JOSM (looks a
          bit like a 3 spoked steering wheel). Clicking on it takes you
          to another site. Left hand side you can amend the key &
          value then click Run.
>BTW, are there any renderings that show golf course details
          like tees, bunkers, greens etc? It's a shame mapnik doesn't.
>Dave F. 
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