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Fri Apr 12 09:18:46 UTC 2013

Bob Kerr wrote:
> As I have cleared up some of the obvious mistakes for the golf tag 
> like using capital letters in tags, has there ever been a precedent 
> where someone adopts a tag. For example if I say that I am going to 
> adopt the golf=****** in english for one year. I would put my name up 
> on the wiki page as adoptee.

I've not noticed any announced on this list, but if you're keeping an 
eye on a particular area you'll spot the same names every now and again 
making the same sorts of corrections to obvious misspellings. There are 
probably a dozen of these worldwide already.

The way that I read the current mechanical edits policy

is "discuss here first" (which you've done - thanks!).  Some of the 
"obvious misspelling" correctors probably pre-date that (and even this 
list), which is why they haven't been mentioned here.


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