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I've added the Ladies (Pans) Course at
the 1st & 18th of the Championship course. I can't remember where all
the tees are, and as for many links courses, fairways are often shared
between holes. I've put two out-of-bounds ways on too, but these need
refinement (left of 18 on the main course, i.e., the fairway on 9 of the
9-hole course is out-of-bounds, but not vice versa). Other things to note,
the beach is in play on the 1st, I've not added other water hazards. I
don't put single lines in for holes as these entirely depend on the ability
of the golfer.

Parkland courses usually have the edges of the holes more obviously
distinguished, but then the rough is usually less intimidating. I long ago
started but never finished Chilwell

Old Course St. Andrews is

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> Dave F. wrote:
>> BTW, are there any renderings that show golf course details like tees,
>> bunkers,
>> greens etc? It's a shame mapnik doesn't.
> I'm just looking to add a couple of golf course details myself. Can
> anybody point me to a good example showing details in the UK. The examples
> shown on the wiki page are not particularly easy to work with, and I like
> to be able to 'edit' the demo area to see the things that are not displayed.
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