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The OSGB license is the one we have been using for StreetView, Locator etc.
AFAIK the main issue is that councils need to get explicit permission to
release this data under this license (and each council needs to do it
separately). This was what Rob's recent message about a petition was about.

I know Nottingham have done this, but so far I've just been using the
references etc. to attach to pre-existing OSM ways, exactly as you want to
do. It's an interesting question as to whether the OSGB can claim any
rights about this type of data (and highlights another problem with even
relatively small restrictions in the license conditions). Perhaps councils
could be asked to just provide a spreadsheet of designated paths without
OSGB data under OGL :-)


On Sun, Apr 28, 2013 at 12:06 PM, Will Phillips <wp4587 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I notice rights of way data from a number of county councils is
> available on the rowmaps.com site. It is stated that this is available
> under the  'Ordnance Survey OpenData licence'.  Is there any consensus
> over whether it is considered permissible to use this data in OSM?
> I've been working on the understanding that OGL licensed data is
> acceptable (I always tag the source). But I am unclear on the current
> position regarding the Ordnance Survey OpenData licence.
> If this data can be used I only plan to use it to supplement ground
> surveys where signage is missing or ambiguous. For example, there are
> several urban footpaths around where I live that I know to be rights
> of way but they have no sign. I would like to add designation tags to
> these if I can find a suitable source.
> Will (will_p)
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