[Talk-GB] Marking landuse and field boundaries

Jason Cunningham jamicuosm at googlemail.com
Tue Jan 1 17:24:38 GMT 2013

Find myself more or less agreeing with the points Chris and Dudley made. I
see see farmland as a default, and haven't put any effort into mapping
farmland or fields. But I also agree with Tom's point, it is information
that has a place in the database, and you dont need to render it if you
dont want to.

I feel the mapping of barriers (hedges, walls, fences) are of fundamental
part of useful countryside mapping. Now that we have fairly good imagery of
rural areas I've started to add hedge lines and fences. I think it's very
important to indicate the source as Bing.

A significant help would be to have the 'main' mapnik map start rendering
rural boundaries at zoom 14. Currently the map only starts showing
fences/hedges at zoom 16 which is a little bit too late. The main map
renders a boundary between fields at zoom 14 so I assume the change
wouldn't create problems. How would I go about asking for a change to that?
Here's an example where not rendering of barriers make things confusing.
Zoom in 1 level to see the field edges.
I know of organisation/people that wanted to use our mapnik map to show
routes but where put off because the map didn't render field boundaries at
at a useful zoom. They weren't passionate enough about OSM to start
rendering their own maps.

There's an issue regarding whether we should add the barrier tag to the
same area tagged as landuse, or even use them with areas
*Firstly* if two fields are created sharing one side and each area has
barrier=fence does it mean there are two fences along the shared side.
*Secondly* it appears several of the barriers can also be an area. So if
you create a field area with landuse=farm, then add
barrier=wall/hedge/fence/etc the the whole of the field area is considered
a wall/hedge/fence/etc ?. You can see this as rendering issue here for
hedges. zoom in a bit and the hedges are rendered over the fields and not
along the edge.
The 'main' mapnik map ignores 'area' when rendering wall & fences, but we
still need to consider if what should be the correct approach.

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