[Talk-GB] Guidance for adding PRoW to OSM: prow_ref=

Gregory Williams gregory at gregorywilliams.me.uk
Wed Jan 2 13:35:01 GMT 2013

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> On 31 December 2012 16:38, David Groom <reviews at pacific-rim.net> wrote:
> > Not that I'm overly bothered, but since the wiki was only changed a
> > few hours ago, and tag info statistics seem to show a greater usage of
> > prow:ref, I'd have thought standardising on that (and changing the
> > wiki) would have been the better option.
> Do you remember what figures were you looking at?
> The taginfo data I'm looking at today at
> http://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/search?q=prow_ref is dated as
> "2013-01-02 00:58 UTC" and shows 670 uses of prow_ref, versus only 361 of
> prow:ref. Have things changed that much in a couple of days?

Sorry that's probably mainly down to me, but I never got round to emailing
this list. After reading the email the other day pointing out that prow_ref
is more in keeping with things like old_ref and int_ref and that prow:ref
implied a prow namespace I was inclined to agree. As somebody that's put in
quite a few prow:ref tags I went and changed them to prow_ref, but got
interrupted before I could send a quick email to the list.


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