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Fri Jan 4 16:56:41 GMT 2013


Local government regions in England can be very confusing. For public
rights of way the responsibility of legally collating these on the
Definitive Map and Statement lies with those regions that are “surveying
authorities”. This is the same as the 152 (151 if you exclude the “City of
London”) Local Authorities listed in the Principal Authorities table:


As shown, “Bedfordshire” is no longer a surveying authority and this is why
you get PRoW data from both “Bedford” and “Central Bedfordshire”. If this
is understood then we shouldn’t need to tag the local authority as it can
be determined from the geography.

Similarly Torbay is its own surveying authority and hence it is excluded
from Devon’s data.

Hope this helps,

p.s. the 32 London borough, plus CoL do not have to collate PRoW data.
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