[Talk-GB] Problematical edits near Leyland

SomeoneElse lists at mail.atownsend.org.uk
Sun Jan 6 19:03:46 GMT 2013

The following changeset by a new mapper near Leyland appears problematical:


It doesn't appear to be malicious - it looks like it's a case of "delete 
everything and redraw it badly".

An example is:


It doesn't join at the north end, has an incorrect name, and misses the 
speed limits that had been manually surveyed for the ways that it replaced.

Three of the four pages of ways in the changeset contain similar deletions.

I had intended to revert it* and then explain to the new mapper what the 
problem was.  Unfortunately JOSM with the reverter plugin falls over 
with a null pointer exception.  Plan B is probably "revert.pl" but I've 
unfortunately run out of time tonight.

Could some kind soul who's got revert.pl or some alternative installed, 
tested and working revert changeset 14536266?



* Yes, I know that this is a very drastic action - but in this case 
(given the damage done) I think that it would be justified.  I'm also 
happy to discuss alternative approaches if anyone feels that there's a 
better way of dealing with this particular issue.

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