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Dan S danstowell+osm at gmail.com
Thu Apr 2 06:56:25 UTC 2015

2015-04-02 0:43 GMT+01:00 pmailkeey . <pmailkeey at googlemail.com>:
> On 1 April 2015 at 20:59, Dan S <danstowell+osm at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> This is really more an issue for the "tagging" mailing list rather
>> than "talk-gb", I guess. Anyway I think people already use
>> construction tags for the purposes you have in mind. This wiki page
>> describes how to use (including a tag for estimated finish date):
>> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:construction
>> Best
>> Dan
> Thanks for the pointer Dan but I see
>  "As OSM data is often used offline (and therefore may be several months
> old), only tag construction sites (particularly roads and railroads) if they
> are planned to be closed for at least six to nine months. Don't use
> construction=* to tag short-term closures (e.g. a road closed over a weekend
> to replace a sewer pipe); consider using conditional restrictions instead."
> Which basically equates to "The fact some people use out of date data, we
> all should."
> It's this kind of 'logic' that really does point to the failings of those
> implementing the OSM project.

This is (again) rather rude. You need to understand, firstly, that OSM
is crowdsourced in its rules as well as its data. "Those implementing"
the OSM project means everyone here. There are no mysterious bungling
overlords, just the hive mind! If you want to change OSM's culture,
you should try a strategy so that people don't simply mute your

I personally am happy to tag construction that is relatively brief,
but the guideline that you quote has come out of lots of discussion.
Also remember that the wiki is not "the rules" - it often represents
consensus but should often be taken with a pinch of salt. So I don't
follow exactly the info that you quote! That's why, in my personal
opinion, that tag is exactly what you're searching for.


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