[Talk-GB] Quarterly Projects Update

John Aldridge jpsa at jjdash.demon.co.uk
Fri Apr 3 13:41:24 UTC 2015

On 02/04/2015 10:42, Brian Prangle wrote:
> Our first attempt at a quarterly project has just finished, where fixing
> road names was the target.

This may entertain you...

This email reminded me that I'd meant to check out one or two more 
mismatches round here, so went out this morning to finish the ones I 
hadn't got round to (mostly apostrophe issues).

I completely agree with the consensus that we should be tagging the name 
which appears on the ground, not some "official" name, but sometimes the 
people putting up signs don't help :)

One road has signs saying

    ST. BEDE'S GARDENS (full stop and apostrophe)
    ST. BEDES GARDENS (just the full stop)

on opposite sides of the road, about 10 yards apart. Just down the road 
is another sign for ST BEDES CRESCENT which notes...

   Leading to ST BEDES GARDENS (neither full stop nor apostrophe)

FWIW, the previous editor had used "St Bedes Gardens", which seemed not 
unreasonable given the range of possibilities, so I left it like that 
and just added a not:name tag to shut the validator up.


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