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Richard Fairhurst richard at systemed.net
Wed Apr 22 11:02:00 UTC 2015

Bryce Nesbitt wrote:
> Are what's presently tagged "elsan_point" *both* walk up toilets *and* 
> CDP chemical holding tank emptying points?

No. A toilet is tagged as a toilet. An Elsan point, where you can empty your
Elsan or equivalent, is tagged as an Elsan point.

> And do they welcome waste originating from Elsan-based motorhomes as 
> well as canal boats?

No, just like Burger King don't welcome McDonalds customers shitting in
their toilets for free.

> Also note that based on feedback from a German tagger, the "cassette" tag
> name changed to "basin".

What? A basin is a small porcelain thing you wash your hands in, or a large
area of water beside a canal where you moor your boat. I moor my boat at
Diglis Basin, Worcester. If I try and empty the basin into the Elsan point,
it will take forever, 200 boats will run aground and CRT will get very very
cross with me.

Note that 'cassette' is no more an all-encompassing correct term than
'Elsan'. This is a cassette toilet, of the form I have on my boat. There is
a removable cassette which slots into the toilet: when it's full, you pick
it up and take to the Elsan point.

However, the traditional PortaPotti design does not have a removable
cassette and is not referred to as a cassette toilet. Instead, the tank
forms the major part of the toilet assembly:

And the original Elsan is really just a bucket with a seat:

If you want broad categories without brand names for some reason, then they
should be "portable sewage disposal" and "pump-out sewage disposal". That's

But really, this is all nonsense. You are blundering around in an area where
you know nothing trying to fix a non-existent problem. If you have as little
subject knowledge as this thread is demonstrating, you have absolutely no
right to go round forcibly correcting others' work.

Moreover, you are trying to replace meaningful easy-to-parse, easy-to-map
single tags with hard-to-parse, hard-to-map combinations of tags. As a
waterway data consumer and waterway mapper, I can say your 'fixes' will make
my work harder, not easier.

Please leave this alone, go outside, and map something.

Thank you.


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