[Talk-GB] Ref names on Residential roads

Colin Smale colin.smale at xs4all.nl
Tue May 12 20:58:59 UTC 2015


or ref:issuer as a more generic way of indicating the scope/domain of
the value of ref? 

Whatever we end up with, I would also like to see a way of tagging both
the signed, official-looking ref *and* the actual administrative ref.
One example of where the two values diverge is where a road has been
downgraded in the signage but administratively still has the old
classification. Another example is slip roads and connector roads which
administratively belong to one road but bear the signage of another

So not just official_ref *instead of* ref, but sometimes *as well as*? 


On 2015-05-12 18:28, Bryce Nesbitt wrote: 

> On Tue, May 12, 2015 at 4:14 AM, Andy Robinson <ajrlists at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Yeah, I think I preferred the highway_authority_ref only to differentiate it from a reference applied by any other body. You could have more than one official_ref depending on the referencing body.
> Why not
> ref:highway_authority
> To keep the tags just a little bit organized?
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