[Talk-GB] New mapper causing problems

Neil McManus neilmcmanus at outlook.com
Thu May 21 21:04:10 UTC 2015

A new user has burst onto the scene in my local area and has made lots 
of bad edits.

For example:

They added the outline of the road around the mini-roundabout and have 
disconnected the footpaths from the roads.  They have deleted the 
footpaths/cycleways that I added and replaced them with "path".   Or 
sometimes they run in parallel with the original.

Anyway, I tried contacting them politely and their reply was basically 
"I know what I'm doing, I'm making it better".  Their changeset comments 
are either "add icon" or "updating wrong information on map i live here 
i know the layout of most of what is here".

Could someone undo their bad work by removing their changesets?  Or how 
is the best way to proceed?  I get the feeling if I try and correct 
their errors they will just put it back the way they want.

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