[Talk-GB] useless survey?

malenki osm_ at malenki.ch
Thu Sep 24 19:41:59 UTC 2015

Andy Townsend schrieb
am Tue, 15 Sep 2015 21:54:38 +0100:

> First of all - thank you for "properly mapping" this bit of the
> country.

You are welcome. But it isn't much fun when I have to look repeatedly
after "my" data to verify it hasn't vanished.
I can think of better ways spending my time.

> It's a shame that you've met resistance doing this.  With regard to
> the two sides to the argument, I'd tend to believe the person that
> writes changeset comments over the person that doesn't :)
> […]
> PS:  If you come back at any stage may I suggest mid-Wales?  Quite a
> lot there is still as it came from NPE: http://overpass-turbo.eu/s/bta

Regarding the response to my attempts to communicate and the mapping
"cooperation" in these regions I am neither inclined to do much
regarding mapping after contributing the already collected
data nor to use OSM data now knowing who maps there how. Even
falsifying ways seems superfluous.

Not least there is to mention the weather. Although there were only
about two wet weeks¹ from about four and the countryside is quite
beautiful when one is able to see it² I prefer places with less
humidity and more sun.³ :)



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