[Talk-GB] Does "Great Britain" need a relation with "place=island" on it?

John Aldridge jpsa at cantab.net
Thu Aug 18 20:31:06 UTC 2016

On 18-Aug-16 14:47, Craig Wallace wrote:
> The Garmin maps is another question. They seem to label the whole area
> with the island name, which is often unhelpful and confusing, even for
> smaller islands. Probably better just to have a label in the middle of
> the island, or on the coast.

If anyone else needs a workround for this, I noticed this issue when I 
rebuilt my Garmin maps the other day, and resolved it at least for now 
by commenting out the lines.

# place=island & name=* [0x53 resolution 19]
# place=islet & name=* [0x53 resolution 20]

from the 'polygons' style file. It was particularly irritating, because 
as well as the name scattered everywhere, it put a hatch pattern over 
the whole island (at least when viewed in BaseCamp)!


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