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Stuart Reynolds stuart at travelinesoutheast.org.uk
Mon Jan 4 10:55:10 UTC 2016

Hi Adrian,

It rather depends on where they are getting their map tiles from, and how often those are updated. Users are really supposed to generate their own.

Here at traveline south east (www.travelinesoutheast.org.uk<http://www.travelinesoutheast.org.uk>), for example, we have two different sets of tiles, representing different zoom levels and delivered from different servers. At our default level you get presented with a map tile which is only updated annually. There is a very good argument to say that the default should be more often, but I digress. For Calverley Park Gardens, it shows the old road designation right now. The two levels of zoom below that are delivered from a tile server that is updated overnight and re-tiled on the fly. So if you zoom in then you see your edit.

Personally, I would rather re-tile it all. However, as you zoom out you get fewer tiles, but there is more data to crunch to produce them - and that can leave us not only taking a while to produce the tiles, but also the time to then transfer large batches of data to the servers. So we made a design decision to do it the way we have.

I’m sure that you will find that Kent Traffic has similar policies. But to know what they are, you would have to ask them.


Stuart Reynolds
for traveline south east & anglia

On 4 Jan 2016, at 10:35, Adrian Berendt <adrian.berendt2 at gmail.com<mailto:adrian.berendt2 at gmail.com>> wrote:

I made a change to openstreetmap.org<http://openstreetmap.org/> last month, to correct Calverley Park Gardens in Tunbridge Wells to be the B2249 (previously showing as the A264).  Whilst this appears on the map when I open it, when I look at other maps based  on openstreets, such as http://www.kenttraffic.info/, it's still showing the old information.

When will that map get changed?

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