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Stuart Reynolds stuart at travelinesoutheast.org.uk
Mon Jan 4 22:37:19 UTC 2016

That’s what I like to see - 3 different changeset notations! FWIW, since I have just this moment uploaded some changes, I used #OSMschools as that seemed to offer both the hashtag and also the designation of the “schools” project.

However, how do we to track this progress? Are we matching specific edits to specific schools out of Edubase, or are we just counting?

I looked at three schools in this changeset, across the whole of Southend. So visually it won’t be obvious what I’ve done, as there will just be a large rectangle across the town (although accept that the changeset lists all the individual ways I’ve amended). But I got my hand in by tweaking Southend High School for Boys (49655265) which was already well tagged and just needed some minor edits, I then added rough (armchair) building outlines and entrances to, and amended the name of, the existing (amenity=school) polygon of Barons Court Infant School (90523274), and finally added the until now non-existent (either in it’s old location or new 3-4 year old location) Hinguar Community Primary School (389616029). But in this latter case I had to guess, largely, as Mr Google shows it, but none of the mapping I can access in JOSM does. So it is of necessity approximate (and completely ignores the fact that it is on stilts as it was built on a flood plain) - but at least it is there.


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Hi all,

Can you please add "OSMschools" to your changesets so that we can track
them. For now you can see any changest with "school" in the comment at
the following site but this isn't restricted to our UK project - hence
the request to use "OSMschools".



I was thinking about this earlier today, but not had a chance to post.

I was thinking about a slightly a more general id scheme such as "#GB2016QP1"

Hence with idea subsequent quarterly projects would be #GB2016QP2 and so on. Of course the comment/tag is less understandable in of it's own as they would be are more for analytics.

However I'm quite happy with 'OSMschools', although IIRC using a hash at the beginning of a semantic tag is the preferred form (#OSMschools).
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