[Talk-GB] "UKOSM" Aims draft 2

Richard Symonds richard.symonds at wikimedia.org.uk
Thu Jan 7 12:59:50 UTC 2016

I'm not sure if this will help you, but the UK Wikimedia chapter's objects
are as follows:

   - The Objects of the Charity are, for the benefit of the public, to
   promote and support the widest possible public access to, use of and
   contribution to Open Content of an encyclopaedic or educational nature or
   of similar utility to the general public, in particular the Open Content
   supported and provided by Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., based in San
   Francisco, California, USA.
   - "Content" means textual or numerical information, still or moving
   images, sound or music or other data disseminated on printed, electronic
   and other appropriate media and services. Content is subject to editorial
   policies and safeguards designed to ensure its overall accuracy and
   - Content is "Open" when it is available for no charge and without
   discrimination to the general public, with legal rights to view, copy,
   share, adapt, improve and otherwise use and reuse that content and when
   technical measures are in place to support such usage.

We don't limit our activities to the UK in our objects - it would make it
difficult for us to work with organisations abroad (like UNESCO, for
example). Something similar might be useful for you when you're drafting
your own - or not, as the case may be - I don't mean to get overly
involved, just trying to help :-).

Richard Symonds
Wikimedia UK
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Wales, Registered No. 6741827. Registered Charity No.1144513. Registered
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United Kingdom. Wikimedia UK is the UK chapter of a global Wikimedia
movement. The Wikimedia projects are run by the Wikimedia Foundation (who
operate Wikipedia, amongst other projects).

*Wikimedia UK is an independent non-profit charity with no legal control
over Wikipedia nor responsibility for its contents.*

On 7 January 2016 at 12:25, Brian Prangle <bprangle at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi  everyone
> Thanks to those who commented on Draft 1  in a previous  thread.
> I've  redrafted to:
> 1.To increase the size, skills, toolsets and cohesion of the OpenStreetMap
> community in the UK.
> 2.To promote and facilitate the use of OpenStreetMap data by organisations
> in the UK.
> 3.To promote and facilitate the release by organisations in the UK of
> OpenData  that is suitable for use in OpenStreetMap.
> Activities and services to achieve these aims can go in separately in the
> remainder of the document subsequently, as can how we define the UK to
> include territories such as Channel Is, IoM etc.
> Look forward to your comments and draft 3!
> BTW next concall scheduled for Wed Jan 27 at 8pm - same no and passcode.
> I'll issue these again nearer the date as a reminder
> Regards
> Brian
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