[Talk-GB] UKOSM - technical aspects

Harry Wood mail at harrywood.co.uk
Sun Jan 10 21:47:07 UTC 2016

For an OSMUK website you mean? I have a few ideas about that, and would like to be involved. 

Certainly I'd like to see something done in an openly editable way so it's not too much of a centralised "request changes from the chief" situation. Code in github is a great way to help with that. Maybe *content* in github too, if we use some file-based system. Although I have some whacky wiki content syndication ideas too.

I've just set up an osmuk organisation on github as a placeholder for this stuff:


I just found you on github and invited you Nick. Anyone else who should be a organisation developer member, let me have your github user name. Others (anyone) will be able to make changes via pull requests anyway.

We should brainstorm some ideas for a website somehow, although it'll be guided by the organisation aims, so makes sense to be discussing that first.

And obviously there's still the question of what domain name we would put it at. Hopefully we can get it going at openstreetmap.co.uk (domain belonging to OSMF)
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Not sure if there's any discussion on the technical side of the UK OSM project yet but, while I might have little time for the organisational side of things, I'd be keen to be involved on the developer side if possible, particularly if we go for a PHP-based backend and javascript frontend.

Any discussion on this? I should warn you my design skills aren't really up to scratch though! 

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