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Colin Spiller colin at thespillers.org.uk
Sun Jan 17 13:46:07 UTC 2016

Here in West Yorkshire, I have a newly-rebuilt Beckfoot School, sharing 
the site and facilities with Hazelbeck Special School. As far as I know, 
there isn't anything dividing the two. Robert has these entries for them 
(thanks Robert - great job!):

139975 	BD16 1EE 
Beckfoot School

139977 	BD16 1EE 
Hazelbeck Special School

They do have their own websites: http://www.beckfoot.org/ and 
http://www.hazelbeck.org/ !

Also nearby there are what used to be two separate single-sex schools 
which are now combined as a mixed school. Two sites about a mile apart.

Any recommendations as to how I should map these two extremes gratefully 
Colin, West Yorks

On 17/01/16 13:14, Lester Caine wrote:
> On 17/01/16 12:40, Dave F. wrote:
>> Although I'm uncertain of a perfect solution as both the entrance and
>> recreation ground appears to be shared in Ed's example, I find there's
>> usually a defining boundary around schools that are adjacent to each
>> other. Especially infant schools where they don't want the little ones
>> wandering off. Looking at the site using a website that shall not be
>> mentioned, it appears to use a fence & the school building itself as the
>> barrier. On ground conformation will, of course, be required.
> Situations where a school has a secure play area which is used by
> Nursary and first school pupils at different times is not unusual,
> especially now the 'Nursery' provision for younger children is being
> added around the country. Ideally for us this would just extend the
> range of an existing school, but there seems to be financial advantages
> in creating a separate 'school'? Yes closer inspection may produce
> different results, but to get the key data in now would be nice, and it
> can be refined later?
>> As mapped ATM both the fhrs:id & ref:edubase tags aren't associated with
>> amenity=school which is not ideal for filtering data.
> Proper quoting would have included this comment in with mine about
> whether amenity=school was appropriate on the outer boundary when it is
> difficult to separate multiple edubase refs inside the area. Just as
> there are a number of ways off adding 'school' to an item, there may be
> a case for 'landuse=school' where one is then going to add
> 'amenity=school' to the internal elements? Be that simple nodes for each
> occupant of a high rise building, or the primary building of each where
> several other buildings and play areas are shared during the day.
> For filtering data I think that 'amenity=school' makes sense when linked
> with all the primary data for each school, which ever country is looked
> at, so some means of identifying the landuse for a multiple school area
> is the logical follow through. I'm very tempted at the moment to simply
> remove the Evesham boundary 'amenity=school' tag and replace it with on
> on each primary building which will at least allow the current
> verification to cross them off the list. What ever way things are
> progressed, something needs to be changed.
> ( And in relation to mass adding wikidata tags to the CURRENT school
> references, this is premature since in many cases the wrong area is tagged )

Colin Spiller
colin at thespillers.org.uk

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