[Talk-GB] Abbreviations in OSM and schools

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Sun Jan 17 20:57:34 UTC 2016

On 17/01/16 20:42, Ed Loach wrote:
> So, should we be using the full school name or abbreviating 'church of
> england voluntary aided' to CEVA as they do on the school pullovers?
> Similar questions for other variations - I've seen CE, CoE, C of E for
> example.

I've been changing them to match what is listed on edubase for the main
name, and retaining an alt_name sometimes.

> I've been leaving existing names in the main (occasionally adding VC or
> VA) in the hope these are from surveys and are what are on the sign, but
> some names are sourced from fhrs or even os opendata. Is the DfE name
> better in these cases?

The one thing I've been adding is the schools website where available.
That often uses a different name to either of the format used on edubase
or originally, so just what is right? Since the edubase name equates to
the 'registered' name that should be taken as official, and many of the
missing schools simply have a large discrepancy in names, but which any
human would understand as matching ;)

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