[Talk-GB] [Imports] OSM with Wikidata: 27232 matches found in England

Edward Betts edward at 4angle.com
Mon Jan 25 20:32:21 UTC 2016

Dan S <danstowell+osm at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm curious how The Shard ended up matching against its correct match
> but also London Bridge station? The station doesn't seem to have any
> matching metadata:
> http://edwardbetts.com/osm-wikidata/england/region/Greater_London/Apartment_buildings

The criteria for an apartment building is just anything tagged as a building
or landuse=residential

The Shard has an alias of 'London Bridge tower', my software trims these
endings from apartment building names to find more matches: house, apartments,
estate, and tower.

I might add 'building=train_station' as an exclusion for the apartment
building matching.

The matcher will be changed to say if there is an OSM object who's name
matches without trimming names, then it takes priority.

> I managed to find a few erroneous one-to-one matches in London:
> Q12048395 — The Queen's Walk (South Bank) — HMS Belfast (way, distance: 5.0 km)
> Q55019 — Covent Garden — Royal Opera House (way, distance: 71 m)
> Q607700 — Monument to the Great Fire of London — Tower Bridge (node,
> distance: 1.4 km)
> Q5571009 — Globe Theatre (Newcastle Street) — Shakespeare's Globe
> (relation, distance: 2.5 km)
>       - note that this one confuses the historic with the modern
> theatre of the same name. The modern one has a separate wkp page.
> Q43279 — Wembley Stadium (1923) — Wembley Stadium (way, distance: 0 m)
>       - again the correct connection should be with the modern stadium
> Q3527632 — Dorset Garden Theatre — Queen's (way, distance: 2.8 km)
>       - another historic thing (Dorset Garden was called Queen's at one point)

Thanks I'll investigate these. I'm going to add more debugging to the output,
so we can see the names that matched.


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