[Talk-GB] Pubs as areas: should be map the property or the building?

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Mon Mar 14 16:13:47 UTC 2016

On 14/03/16 15:08, Dave F wrote:
>>   * Where do we place tags associated with the pub premises which may
>>     apply also to other parts of the pub property (an obvious one
>>     would be opening_hours).
> I'm unsure how common that would be, but it could go on the boundary as
> the garden might be used for each instance.

Just as with the school 'element' we have an amenity tag at the higher
level, then a pub or any other establishment would have the same
approach. As I have already said, and area within another structure can
then be tagged as the various amenities, but there may be larger areas
such as building=shopping_mall or food_court where the pub, cafe or the
like shares the overall facilities, but has perhaps a combination of
covered and open seating areas. There may well be separate 'opening
times' for each area in which case those tags are omitted at the higher

While mapping the school areas, adjacent pubs/restaurants/halls and the
like followed on nicely in the same style.

Some areas of the world with little detail would benefit from a simple
node describing the amenity, but certainly within the UK we are now
adding the service roads and access ways to the various parking areas
used by these facilities. If the amenity is only accessible by foot,
then the footpath routes from the adjacent car park would be useful, but
still a work in progress. For the majority of the sites I've added this
year, the route into the car park and the access restrictions are
documented. In many cases while there are access road into a school it
is not leading to parking which may in fact be a shared adjacent space
such as the village hall ... and in village locations it may be that the
pub is also sharing that parking area, in which case the boundary may be
difficult to identify fully, at which point the building boundary may
well be the fall back 'amenity' boundary.

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