[Talk-GB] Composite mapping (OSM and OS, PRoWs etc)

Paul Berry pmberry2007 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 7 09:13:42 UTC 2016


First impressions are that it's a thing of beauty and, for anyone enamoured
of OS Pathfinder and Landranger styles, very easy on the eye. Hedges and
walls as dashed lines are a little strange as such representations are
ingrained in the mind as "paths" but otherwise I can't find fault at

It's a great effort; please keep at it!


On 6 September 2016 at 16:02, Luke Smith <luke.smith at grough.co.uk> wrote:

> I mentioned a while back that grough was developing a composite map,
> blending OSM data with OS OpenData to fill in the gaps, and using public
> rights of way data directly from the local authorities which have released
> it. Over time, hopefully we will rely progressively less on other data
> sources.
> I'm happy to say there's now a beta available, at http://geo.gy/ with
> more details about the project at http://map.grough.co.uk/.
> There'll also soon be a 3D version available, building on the prototype at
> http://3d.geo.gy/ to cover all of Great Britain and improve the controls.
> The source code behind generating the maps is open source, although not
> suitable for on-the-fly tile generation because of the preprocessing. The
> idea was to create a map which could be printed and used at a fixed scale
> (1:25,000 scale), with labels moved around to avoid obscuring detail etc.
> If anyone has comments or advice for us, it would be gratefully received.
> We're aware of some issues already, so this is only a beta release.
> Similarly if anyone would like to use the maps, we'd be more than happy to
> help if you run into problems.
> Luke
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