[Talk-GB] Composite mapping (OSM and OS, PRoWs etc)

Dudley Ibbett dudleyibbett at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 8 19:56:17 UTC 2016

Hi Luke

It is a nice looking map you have produced.  As has been mentioned, I have
put in quite a few of the field boundaries in the Peak District and have also tried to
get the footpath network completely mapped over the last few years.  There are still a few to go
but not many.  

I think others have already commented about marking PROW's along driveways
etc.  You do get cases where footpaths go through a property but there is
no access along the driveway to the property so it is good to have this
detail.  To try and help with this I do try and add the designation tag
and access=private tag where relevant.    I don't think this is universal practice and this style of tagging isn’t complete for the Peak
District so you may have to rely on other data sources if you want to render
PROWs along driveways etc.

Having looked at the map around the Peak District you may want to look at the
rendering of quarries.  Whilst there is a label for these there seems to be no
outline so I might currently think these were disused.   The outline of the quarry on OSM is sometimes the hole but can be cover the full operation.   Many quarries in
the Peak District and probably other areas still have PROWs through them that
still exist in the published PROW datasets and in theory will be put back or
have been rerouted (permanently or temporarily).    You may want to give some priority to OSM footpath
data in such areas as this is likely to be actually what is on the ground.

If a footpath isn’t accessible by a walker then I don’t
generally put it on OSM or I will end it at the obstruction.  It looks like you are treating this as
incomplete data and filling in the footpath according to the published PROW data.  Perhaps we need some way of tagging/putting these ways
in OSM so they can potentially be eliminated when rendering a map that is designed to
reflect footpaths that are accessible to walkers.

Kind Regards


From: luke.smith at grough.co.uk
Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2016 16:02:32 +0100
To: talk-gb at openstreetmap.org
Subject: [Talk-GB] Composite mapping (OSM and OS, PRoWs etc)

I mentioned a while back that grough was developing a composite map, blending OSM data with OS OpenData to fill in the gaps, and using public rights of way data directly from the local authorities which have released it. Over time, hopefully we will rely progressively less on other data sources.
I'm happy to say there's now a beta available, at http://geo.gy/ with more details about the project at http://map.grough.co.uk/. 
There'll also soon be a 3D version available, building on the prototype at http://3d.geo.gy/ to cover all of Great Britain and improve the controls.
The source code behind generating the maps is open source, although not suitable for on-the-fly tile generation because of the preprocessing. The idea was to create a map which could be printed and used at a fixed scale (1:25,000 scale), with labels moved around to avoid obscuring detail etc.
If anyone has comments or advice for us, it would be gratefully received. We're aware of some issues already, so this is only a beta release. Similarly if anyone would like to use the maps, we'd be more than happy to help if you run into problems.

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