[Talk-GB] Composite mapping (OSM and OS, PRoWs etc)

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Wed Sep 7 15:05:23 UTC 2016

On 7 September 2016 at 15:29, Luke Smith <luke.smith at grough.co.uk> wrote:

> First, let me thank you for all your comments. They’ve been very helpful
> indeed.
Doh! Because I was looking at OSM in places where I'd mapped stuff (and
then in the Peak District where Dudley has been mapping walls like mad) I
hadn't realised that many of the linear features are Lidar-based.

We ought to look at that for OSM directly!

At smaller scales where these do show as lines it looks fine ,and very much
better than OSM which introduces them too late for utility in countryside
cartography for walkers.

With the Access Land a somewhat unconventional approach might be to place
the border bleed on the *outside* of the area rather than inside. I cant
think of any regular maps which do this, but I've found such 'halos' useful
to pcik-out small features which would otherwise not be readily visible at
smaller scales.

I must say I completely agree about the painfulness of PostGIS for this
process of comparison. There must be a better way!

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