[Talk-GB] Changeover for Quarterly Projects

Brian Prangle bprangle at gmail.com
Fri Sep 30 15:45:00 UTC 2016

Hi everyone

Today marks the last day of our summer Quarterly Project: farmyards.
Tomorrow we start our Autumn Project, which will be the subject of a
following post.

What have we learnt/achieved?

1. We added 1499 farmyards, which compares to an increase of 853 schools
for the schools project which seems to suggest farmyards was a more active
project, but the schools project added 3653 polygons. So this time we
created more data, rather than improve existing data.
2. We gathered momentum during the project: it took 39 days to edit the
first 500 farmyards; 33 for the next 500; and 20 days for the ultimate 400
(well, 499)
3. There are over 19,000 place=farm tags, almost all of them (>18,000)
nodes. Mostly they seem to indicate farms but sometimes they get used too
enthusiastically for any group of buildings.
4. We have 36 generically named Poultry Farm or Poultry Houses from OS
OpenData, which describes the farm but doesn't actually name it.
5. A lot of farms in Herefordshire (which is where I mapped mostly for this
project) don't have the word Farm in their name. Is this the case elsewhere?
6. If Herefordshire is anything to go by road alignment in rural areas can
be pretty poor.
7. Waterways traced from NPE are severely misaligned.
8. 5 and 6 might suggest themselves as future quarterly projects.
Correcting them around farms I added certainly slowed down my output.
9. Don't ask farmers to help you mapping during their busiest time of year!
I got zero response from my approaches.
10. Most unusual name I found was Cold Comfort Farm. There are 4 of them in
the UK and had a comic novel
named after them

I'd be interested to hear of anyone elses's experiences or thoughts on this


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