[Talk-GB] Rendering national/regional walking trails

Elizabeth Oldham beth at the-hug.org
Sat Apr 22 19:43:21 UTC 2017

On 21/04/17 11:47, Andy Townsend wrote:

> If you're using osm2pgsql to load a rendering database, then you could
> probably use the lua tag transforms and do something with roles for
> relations in there.  I've not done anything with relation roles myself,

It was an interesting exercise to play with it yesterday, but I 
concluded it's only useful if you want to play with the tags applied to 
the whole relation. Not just parts of the relation. So I could look at 
the role, and the tags associated with the members, but not actually 
change what is put into the database for only some of the route/relation.

Anyway. I noticed on your maps you have multiple ldpnwn labels along the 
routes, like the Cumbria Way, and Coast to Coast. I've been unable to 
get more than one or two labels. I've been searching but it's usually 
the other way around - you have too many labels and need to space them 
out. Is there a trick I'm missing?


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