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Seán Lynch seanlynch at umail.ucc.ie
Mon Apr 24 21:36:40 UTC 2017

Dear all,

Greetings from Ireland!

I am one of the most recent members to join the OSM Foundation and I
thought you would be interested to know that my website
www.openlittermap.com is now online. I am undergoing the slow process of
trying to improve reverse-geocoded addresses and collect more data on
street furniture to feed back into OSM. I am particularly interested in
bins and gutters, and their relationships to littering-trends. If you are
interested in examining these spatial patterns yourself, I hope OLM can
empower you to do so. All data is free to view + download by anyone at a
single click. My motivation here is simple- we need to see an immediate
reduction in the amount of plastic waste into the oceans of our only
habitable planet and geospatial information crowdsourcing ("Citizen
Science") is probably the most cost-effective and realistic way of
achieving that. If you would like to organize your own litter mapping
workshops and contribute to Open Litter Map and meet similarly minded
people in your community, please do and consider making an effort to
contribute meaningful data to openlittermap.com

As I said, all data that passes OLM verification (Stage 1 & 2) is available
to view + download for free as CSV per country and sub-country region at a
single click. I will add in a global section soon once the data increases a
bit. Feel free to add your location in by submitting valid data and
everything else will dynamically populate itself follow successful image

You may filter data temporally and change the size of the
weighted-hexagonal grid for spatial analysis with a slider, or directly
through the URL.

Here is a video tutorial <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8E0c5TIYzNI>
about how to contribute data to Open Litter Map. If anyone would like to
help me make a better one, let me know

Currently there is no mobile app but it works well in the browser on all
platforms, particularly on non-mobile.

You can see that non-paying members can upload 1 image every day. This
allowance increases as you play open litter map by generating experience
points which can be gained from uploading images, tagging litter, verifying
images + having your images verified. Once I get a better handle on the
costs involved, I would like to increase this upload allowance but for now
I need to keep the costs as low as possible.

However, it is very unlikely that I will be able to finance this by myself,
long term. If you would like to see this initiative continue and develop,
for as little as ~30p a day you can finance the development of Open Litter
Map which will significantly increase your upload limit and help me cover
and recuperate the costs. By default when you upload images you are made
anonymous but if you choose to go public (/settings/privacy) you can
compete in multiple leaderboards.

Would appreciate some feedback. I hope you like it!

PS. Nowhere in the UK has been added yet, who will claim the honour of
doing so??

Happy mapping!


https://openlittermap.com @OpenLitterMap (Fb, Tw, Ig)
M.Sc. Coastal & Marine Environments (NUIG, 2015)
M.Sc. GIS & Remote Sensing (UCC, 2014)
B.A. Geography & Economics (UCC, 2011)
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