[Talk-GB] Naming of places

Chris Hill osm at raggedred.net
Thu Aug 17 15:25:31 UTC 2017

The thread recently about how places in Wales should be named has made 
me wonder about the City of Hull. It is officially known as Kingston 
upon Hull, but absolutely no one calls the place that. It is always 
Hull. The signs that greet you say Hull, the city council call it Hull, 
the council is called Hull City council. I don't think I've ever heard 
anyone call the place Kingston upon Hull except in jest. When it was 
announced as City of Culture 2017 it was announced as Hull. The 
university is the University of Hull. The newly appointed Minster is 
Hull minster, there is a Bishop of Hull, I could go on and on.

I'd like to replace the name=tag with Hull. I originally did have a Hull 
as the name of the place but someone who lives outside of the UK changed 
it to Kingston upon Hull and wouldn't accept that the place is really 
Hull. I've left it like that for years, but I still think it's wrong. 
That's why I want a discussion about it. Kingston upon Hull could go in 
another tag (sunday_name=*).

Should we use the name that is the official, never-used name or the 
real, on-the-ground name that everyone knows the place by? What do you 

Chris Hill (chillly)

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