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Ew. Bus route relations are a real time consuming pain to maintain. It is possible to get both the Naptan data and the Traveline data under OGL



(though one requires you to register for an ftp login to download it, and you need to remember to convert to WGS84 where appropriate).


The Traveline data conforms to a nasty standard which I can in some cases read using a program I’ve written to display all the route variants for a given service number. For other routes I’ve resorted to trying to parse the XML in a text editor. If I get chance I’ll see if I can get the code I wrote into github (possibly VB.Net, possibly C# depending how long ago I wrote it). You stick the route files in a folder, browse to that folder to get a list on the left, click on one of the files to get a list of route variations top left, and see more information on a selected route variation below once selected. That shows stop references you can get from the naptan set if you can’t already find them in OSM.


I’d also recommend documenting the relations and when they were last revised. I subscribed to an email from Essex County Council which should report route changes, but I don’t think I’ve kept up to date with those. I occasionally also hunt similar news on the Suffolk website. Checking


I’ve not done the May changes I read about and haven’t even got the new X76 service in the table. I’ve only included routes that pass through the Tendring district which is where I live. If you have more active mappers nearby you might want to combine the pages (e.g. if there were a Colchester  or Ipswich mapper doing bus routes I’ve already done some which cross the district boundary).


For national express routes I just include stops as I’m not sure how fixed the routes between them are – I’ve caught for example one from London back to Clacton and when it got nearer Clacton it only stopped at the stops where drop offs had been booked, and didn’t divert for example to Jaywick but took a shorter route to Great Clacton. (That example doesn’t happen to be in that wiki page for some reason – I need to check the 484 is still running.)


As it mentions on the Tendring routes wiki page I mentioned above I had hoped to automate the validation – write a program to point at the wiki page, the latest naptan and traveline datasets, and then download each route master relation and its route member relations in turn and check whether they are still correct. This is still probably months (years?) from even being started.




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Hi everyone

This will be to improve bus route relations and station entrances, by popular vote on OSMUK Loomio channel.

Bus route relations can be tricky for the uninitiated ( and even for the initiated ) so perhaps this quarterly project could do with its own wiki page, pointing to existing tutorials or developing some new ones. Any volunteers?





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