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Stuart Reynolds stuart at travelinesoutheast.org.uk
Mon Jul 17 12:45:22 UTC 2017

Hi All,

I have read and re-read all of the guidance and local rules relating to the use of abbreviations where it would be wrong to expand “St” into “Saint”. It is quite clear that, for the UK, “Saint Ives” is wrong, whereas “St Ives” is correct. There is also one page where I have found “St Mary’s Church” is correct, but “Saint Mary’s Church” is wrong. All of this I agree with.

The question I want to clarify is the use of “Saint” in street names. I think that is similarly clear that e.g. “St Nicholas Road” (with the full expansion of “road”!) is correct, and “Saint Nicholas Road” isn’t. But since the small handful that I initially came across in Great Yarmouth were last edited by an experienced OSMer (Rob Whittaker), I thought that it was better to check with the community than just change it.

A not-so-quick Overpass query (using a map which contained the whole of the UK, and hence Ireland and a bit of Belgium) tells me that there are 10,324 ways which are named “Saint *” which potentially need changing if we agree that “St *” is correct.

By contrast there are 26,559 ways that are named “St *”, and a further 7,252 that are named “St. *”.

Stuart Reynolds
for traveline south east & anglia

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