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Brian Prangle bprangle at gmail.com
Mon May 29 11:02:39 UTC 2017

There's been a suggestion that OSMUK lobbies  for the statutory right to
receive copies of the legal orders which change Public Rights of Way as it
can be slow for any official changes to make their way onto the Definitive
Map and then be picked up by mappers. There is already legislation that
allows various organisations the right to receive copies of the legal
orders that effect changes to Public Rights of Way. The list is contained
in Schedule 6 of the Wildlife and Countryside (Definitive Maps and
Statements) Regulations 1993:

These are:

Auto-Cycle Union

British Horse Society

Byways and Bridleways Trust, Open Spaces Society

Ramblers Association

British Driving Society

Cyclists Touring Club

Peak and Northern Footpaths Society

Chiltern Society

Welsh Trail Riders' Association

The Board has discussed this and agreed we should do it. I've volunteered
to lead this activity.  We think that we would need to convince the
relevant Secretary of State that it was a good idea, and get them to
amend/re-issue the Statutory Instrument linked above that includes the
list. From the introductory text, it looks like it's jointly the
Secretaries of State for the Environment and Wales.

My thinking on how we should approach this is first to contact each of the
organisations who are already on the list and ask

   1. Were they added at the time the legislation was passed or
   2. If subsequently, do they know the procedure?
   3. How is the data provided to them?
   4. What licence terms does it have?
   5.  If it's open data would they be willing to share it with us until we
   get on the list?

If anybody has any knowledge or experience of this legislation or any
contacts at these organisations or any other  ideas on how to approach this
campaign we'd love to know either here or on the OSMUK Loomio
<https://www.loomio.org/g/M3fz1PkQ/openstreetmap-uk> discussion site.


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