[Talk-GB] Import UK postcode data?

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If I look at a random set of postcode centroids (residential area) then some seem to fit with a delivery point, i.e. a porch or front door location, but an equal number sit in the middle (front to back) of a building so clearly it's not clear how Royal mail came up with the centroid positioning though generally speaking it appears to me to be rare that the point is somewhere other than on or within the boundary of a building.

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On 04/10/2019 13:47, Dave F via Talk-GB wrote:
> No. The centre point is not associated with *any* delivery point. It is 
> an arbitrary mean, calculated mathematically. it could, in theory, be 
> located in the middle of a park.
> Even postcodes unique to one property/business aren't accurate as their 
> positions are misaligned by the effect of adjacent areas.

Although I don't have a primary source for this, my understanding is 
that the median is snapped to the nearest actual delivery point within 
the postcode.

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